Paws for Me!

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Adopt Me! Bluegrass Pet Rescue has combined the strengths of our adoption foundation with the expertise of the inmates in our Paws Behind Bars prison dog training program and launched PAWS FOR ME! - Canine Companions for Service, Therapy and Emotional Support.
There must be a willingness to accept the commitment of time and finances to acquire a service or therapy dog. Clients will submit an application to begin the process. Once approved, the client and dog will be assessed for suitability.
Does the dog have the ability to perform the tasks required of it?
Does it have the temperament to handle the work required of it?
Does the client have the desire to work closely and develop with the dog?
There are many "working teams" out there today and they will tell you their dog is the best thing that ever happened, but also that it didn't happen without hard work!
For more information and to obtain an application - please email to


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