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Meet our shy guy ROMEO! He was one of the lucky ones Rita O'Hern Smith was able to trap. It's always a wonder how a nice, gentle dog like Romeo was left to roam the streets for months - but he was. You'd think such a dog would readily welcome a warm home and food as soon as someone stopped to help - but that's not the case. Dogs do just he opposite. They become leery of humans and very evasive. A shout out to Rita and her team for the expertise to help these dogs!

ROMEO came to us in February, and we are happy to that report eight months later, he's quite comfortable and happy in his foster home. He's actually more comfortable inside than he is outside. He wags his tail and is making eye contact! He's doing well with the other dog in the home. Outside, he's still apt to lay down and not move.  That, too, will change with patience and consistent work. ROMEO is very healthy and is up for adoption! If interested, our process begins with the application, or email us if you submitted an application within the last six months.